The Hummingbird Gala, presented by Nordic, is a gala hosted every year on behalf of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. This year the Gala theme is "Paris Nights" and the ADF hopes to raise over $500,000 for Alberta based and life-changing diabetes research. Guests will be swept away to a charming evening in Paris where the food and wine are exquisite and the entertainment  divine.

This event will be held on April 26, 2019 at the Moonflower Room in the Enjoy Centre, St. Albert.


$2,000/Table of 10

Dress Code in effect:  Formal attire

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Event Location

Moon Flower Room, the Enjoy Centre

April 26, 2019

T8N 3X4, Saint Albert, Alberta, Canada


Why is your symbol a Hummingbird?

Much like people with diabetes, the hummingbird has to maintain a delicate balance with sugar in order to survive. In many cultures the hummingbird is seen as a symbol of the sweetness of life, a sign of overcoming adversity, and persistence in the pursuit of our dreams. 

We name this event in honour of this creature that gives hope to thousands living with and overcoming diabetes.

What does the event look like?

An evening at the Hummingbird Gala starts with guest registration, where guests will be greeted by our lovely volunteers and assigned a bidding number and table number. Guests then get to enter the spectacularly decorated room. They can spend the pre-dinner time with a cocktail in hand, bidding on silent auction items or entering a raffle, and enjoying the entertainment. Then follows dinner and dessert, interspersed with more entertainment, speeches, and a live auction. After the live and silent auctions close, guests are welcome to stay and dance or socialize, but they can also return to registration to pay for and pick up any items they won. 

What is the Enjoy Centre?

The 2019 Hummingbird Gala is in the Moonflower Room of the Enjoy Centre - a unique multi-use facility in the city of St. Albert.

The Moonflower Room itself features soaring, 9-metre high glass ceilings with breathtaking views of the prairie sky. The interior has an elegant mezzanine and stunning views of the greenhouse growing ranges.

Will I get a tax receipt for my Gala ticket?

Yes! Part of your ticket price is eligible for a tax receipt. You can get a $100 receipt for a $200 ticket purchase and a $1,000 receipt for purchasing a $2,000 table for ten. Receipts will be mailed to whatever name is attached to the ticket purchase.

What does " Formal Attire" mean?

Guests are asked to come in Formal Attire for the Hummingbird Gala. 

What is Formal Attire?  A formal dark suit and tie or tuxedo. A long evening dress, dressy suit, or formal cocktail-length dress. 

What does the Gala support?

The Hummingbird Gala is run in support of diabetes research. Funds raised stay in Alberta and support innovative and life-changing diabetes research, primarily through funding researchers at the internationally recognized Alberta Diabetes Institute.

About Us

About the Alberta Diabetes Foundation


The Alberta Diabetes Foundation rapidly and strategically funds innovative research for the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes. The Alberta Diabetes Foundation is aligned with the Alberta Diabetes Institute in Edmonton and is one of the world’s finest diabetes research facilities.  

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How You Can Help


Sponsorship is vital to the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. The Hummingbird Gala is currently seeking some amazing sponsors to be the stars of the evening. We can not run events like this without the generosity of supporters like you.


On April 20, 2018, hundreds of people came together under a common goal: to see an end to the destructive disease that is diabetes. Guests joined us for an evening in a mystical enchanted garden, where the world is green and bright, the fairy-lights twinkle, and magic is possible. Our guests were delighted by the acrobatic stylings of Firefly theatre, a live auction, a silent auction, and a divine dinner provided by the Sawmill.

The Alberta Diabetes Foundation hosted this signature gala event every year as part of our annual commitment to raising $1 million for life-changing diabetes research. The 2018 Hummingbird Gala raised $543,000 towards diabetes research and programming here in Alberta.